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Retirement Options & the 4 Temperaments – careers after retirement

Careers After Retirement   Approaching retirement? Are you a business coach or career counsellor and want to assist clients with their careers after retirement? Do you have an interest in expanding your knowledge of Personality Temperament? There is a growing exodus of baby boomers from all sectors of industry. Having a clear understanding of ‘self’, […]

Personality Dimensions for Career Development and Employee Engagement

Develop a  Leadership Style that Engages Your Employees In order to develop your leadership career it is essential to understand the principles of employee engagement. In these challenging times, it is important that business owners/managers maintain a strategic vision for their organisation, and motivate their employees to acquire and pursue the vision. Strategic leaders invest […]

Personality Dimensions, Neuro PQ and Emotional Intelligence

Over the past twelve months, I have collaborated on research with neuro-scientist, Dr Dario Nardi. Our study  looked at cognitive skills of the brain of the four temperaments – Inquiring Green, Organized Gold, Resourceful Orange and Authentic Blue. We focussed on the regions that determine Emotional Intelligence: my area of interest – arising from my […]

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