Improving Sales Performance

A new resource for improving sales performance

Help your sales professionals increase their actual sales performance, exponentially, by developing their Personality Radar™! – a new Personality Dimensions resource.

You have seen how Personality Dimensions improves communication and relationships in your organisation. Prime Performance also offers follow-on workshops aimed at improving sales performance.

Prime Performance presents a series of workshops to enhance understanding of individual styles and preferences of your clients and customers. These workshops can provide a framework for the Sales Team to reflect on which strategies work, and why, as well as what doesn’t work and what adjustments to make.

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Training Objectives:

Identify the needs and values of customers
Identify the unique ways others perceive things such as “benefits”
Develop a customer approach that “speaks’ to disparate clients
Recognise and accommodate the communication needs of their team and of their clients
Dealing with “demanding” clients


Participants will learn –

strategies for adjusting communication to be “heard” by other Temperaments
to understand what they perceive as a difficult customer
explore a variety of approaches to deal with angry customers
experience selling from a different perspective

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For the PD Facilitator:

This video explains how the Sales Dimension program develops the Personality Radar™ of sales teams, therefore improving sales performance.

This comprehensive sales program includes:

The complete project outline
A quick overview of a basic Personality Dimensions® workshop
Personality Dimensions® handouts
Handouts specific to sales professionals
A customized PowerPoint® presentation
Several exercised tailored specifically to sales professionals

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