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Careers After Retirement


Approaching retirement?

Are you a business coach or career counsellor and want to assist clients with their careers after retirement?

Do you have an interest in expanding your knowledge of Personality Temperament?

There is a growing exodus of baby boomers from all sectors of industry. Having a clear understanding of ‘self’, at this important part of life, is invaluable in making this stage fruitful and meaningful. The exploration of Temperament can assist greatly in this process. In this seminar, you will be introduced to the instrument Personality Dimensions®. Participants will then experience an innovative instrument which interprets retirement preferences for the 4  personality temperaments.


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Cecile Riddle is Master Trainer in Personality Dimensions, a Fellow of the Career Development Association of Australia and a Professional Member of AusAPT.  She holds a MasterHSc (Human Resource Management major) and post-graduate certification in Career Coaching and in Counselling and Psychotherapy. For the past two decades she has worked across the spectrum of career development and career transition. Cecile finds that more and more of her clients in senior management are looking at down-shifting or exiting the work force and need guidance to explore their options.


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