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Career Transition

Managing Your Career

Whether you need: assistance changing your career path and/or considering a higher education course; to re-invent yourself; to down-shift; outplacement support or want to optimise your prospects in your present career…………

Prime Performance Career Essentials Programs can assist you to:

  • understand yourself better and convey who you are to potential employers
  • discover your natural skills and talents to enable you to pursue a career that you are truly passionate about
  • determine your career options and devise a career action plan
  • design an employment portfolio which embraces your life commitments

Using a variety of tools, including Personality Dimensions®, you are guided and coached towards the most suitable career for your stage of career development.

Whether you are a business owner, an executive, in management, or an employee, Prime Performance assists you in your career decision making and provides coaching to help you transition to your new career direction.

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Changing Career Path

Are you looking to transfer into a new career?

“Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it” – Katherine Whitehorn

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Prime Performance offers a boutique service for one-off or small numbers of candidates.

The principal consultant has extensive experience in this area as well as professional credentials. A Fellow Member of the Career Development Association of Australia and with certification in Counselling Psychotherapy, Cecile is able to assist the employee to transition to a new phase in his/her worklife by providing coaching to:

  • expunge negative emotions
  • deal with the challenge of change
  • explore options and maximise prospects
  • identify work which he will find personally and professionally satisfying

This process includes: self-exploration; skills identification; and investigation of life and career goals. The Program provides a means of establishing core motivational themes, strengthens knowledge of “self” and assists in deciding/consolidating future career path/direction.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement is an exciting time to explore areas that you may never have considered.
In retirement, our values, philosophy, personal strengths and relationship-needs change. Prime Performance assists you to ascertain what is really important to you now, what your concerns are and avenues you can look forward to pursuing.

Whether you are running your own business, or an employee, a qualified career coach will help you discover who you are and what you need to truly enjoy your retirement.

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Job Search Resources

1) Would you like to have your pick of several job offers?
2) Would you like to speak directly to a hiring manager instead of a recruiter?
3) Would you like to cut down the time that it takes to get an offer?
4) Would you like to turn a low salary offer into a higher offer?

Career Job Resources If the answer to any or all of these questions is “yes” then you need a professional job search coach. You’re excellent at what you do, right? Even people who are great at what they do professionally, need some direction. After all, did you ever take a class in school on how to conduct a job search? Probably not.

Prime Performance offers professional job search coaching and support resources to help you achieve success in the next step on your career path.

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Students to Careers

If you are a student transitioning into the workforce, you can try out Jobioz, Inc., a student-run career website just for students. You can find the latest tips and tricks for your job search.

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  • “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” --Confucius