Growing Your People

Sustainable Human Resource management relies on ensuring that your employees are engaged in achieving the goals of your business.

With a user-friendly approach, the ‘Grow Your PeopleTM’ Program uses interactive workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions to assist business owners/managers to develop the interpersonal skills and HR strategies which are proven to attract, engage and retain talent for your business. Furthermore, by adopting this style of People Management, absenteeism and employee turnover is reduced while revenue is increased.

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Targeted at businesses that have identified the need to bolster their HR approach, ‘Grow Your PeopleTM’ uses Personality Dimensions to explain what motivates people with different personalities or temperaments. This understanding forms the basis of a personalised three year HR training plan with clear goals and actions to help you engage and retain a key aspect of your business success, your people.

The Program can be delivered to group forums or in-house for individual businesses.

People Management workshops

The Group workshop component of the ‘Grow Your PeopleTM’ Program uses a human relations and communications model. Presented in an informative, interactive, self-discovery format it enhances commitment to the process.

The workshop topics are:

  • Building Blocks for Better Communication – understanding self and others
  • Team Building – aligning employee strengths to their role
  • Worklife Balance

These topics cover key drivers of employee engagement: job satisfaction; relationships; worklife balance.

A ripple benefit is enhanced Emotional Intelligence in the areas of self awareness, social skills and empathy.

Human Resources Development Plans

The objective of the coaching component of the ‘Grow Your PeopleTM’ Program is to develop a three year HR development Plan with clear vision, goals, objectives, strategies and timelines for action to effectively attract and retain employees with the right skills and attitude. The focus is on improving employee performance and maximising the value of each member to achieve business success. Issues such as succession planning, family dynamics and releasing the business owner from day-to day tasks, will be addressed.

The Plan will analyse, formulate and document:

  • short and long term goals of the business
  • critical staff development issues
  • human resource training and development solutions
  • implementation of solutions, including:
    • objectives
    • training and strategies
    • actions
    • timeline

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Leadership Development

Good Leadership is the key motivator to ensuring optimal employee engagement. The ‘Grow Your PeopleTM’ Program is the foundation program to enhance leadership skills.

Individual coaching is then available to improve:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Confidence
  • Interpersonal Communication skills
  • Professionalism
  • Self Management skills
  • Motivating employees
  • Accountability
  • Conflict management

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Employee Engagement

Enjoying a good relationship with other staff is one of the key factors which motivates employees (Mastering the Rockerfeller Habits, Verne Harnish, Select Books 2006) and is highly influential in creating an employee engagement culture.

Teams that are more engaged average 18% higher productivity; 12% higher profitability; and 27% lower absenteeism.
(The Elements of Great Managing, Wagner and Harter, Gallup Press 2008)

Employees who are having fun are more productive. (Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman, Bantam Books 1997).

Employee engagement needs to start with Senior Management. Prime Performance offers a diagnostic instrument which enables employers to ensure that there is a good alignment between senior managers’ roles and their level of engagement. The ‘Individual Role Engagement and Alignment Profile’ is an on-line instrument which generates a report that can be used in performance appraisals to inform the personal and professional development of key people in the organisation.

In combination with the ‘Grow Your PeopleTM’ Program, Senior Managers can then develop a blueprint for developing an organisational culture which engages employees.

Prime Performance assists Senior Management to map out a process to achieve this goal. Drivers (motivators) of employee engagement that will be addressed include:

  • Leadership
  • Job fulfilment & role alignment
  • Relationships
  • Opportunity to learn
  • Worklife balance
  • Purpose
  • Rewards and recognition

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Organisational Culture

As the leadership goes, so does the organisation. Culture is top down. By focusing on engagement of Senior Managers, Prime Performance enables your organisation to develop an employee engagement culture.

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  • "If you want a harvest in a year, grow a crop... If you want a harvest in ten years, grow a tree... If you want a harvest that will last for a life time, grow people." ---Chinese Proverb