Team Building

Building Better More Supportive Teams

Teams that are more engaged average 18% higher productivity and 12% higher profitability (Source: Wagner, R & Harter, J. The Elements of Great Management – 2008)
Prime Performance incorporates the Personality Dimensions® introductory workshop into a tailored program to develop stronger more productive teams.

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Particular issues that can be workshop addresses:

  • Surviving the challenges of change
  • Incorporating Telus Values and Duke Energy Business values
  • Blending a perfect team
  • Workspaces that fit for all
  • Honouring a colleague
  • Collaborating to solve common problems
  • Developing a employee-wide recognition program
  • Moving from criticisms to compliments

Participants will:

  • identify their personal styles and preferred methods of communication
  • recognise and appreciate the diverse styles of colleagues
  • learn strategies for adjusting communication to be “heard” by others
  • minimise destructive conflict while maximising understanding and open communication
  • recognise behaviours which indicate that a team member is stressed or struggling
  • gain a deeper understanding of individual contributions to the team and how synergies
  • can make the team’s results greater than the sum of individual contributions

Benefits to your organisation include:

  • Improved work performance
  • More effective teams
  • Enhanced cooperation
  • Improved morale/motivation
  • Decreased conflict
  • Reduced stress/ absenteeism
  • Improved critical judgement

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