Enhancing Employee Engagement |Employee Engagement Model

Prime Performance offers an employment engagement model which uses a diagnostic instrument that enables employers to ensure that there is a good alignment between senior managers’ roles and their level of engagement. The ‘Individual Role Engagement and Alignment Profile’, iREAPTM, is an on-line instrument which generates a report that can be used to inform the personal and professional development of key people in the organisation.

Teams that are more engaged average 18% higher productivity; 12% higher profitability; and 27% lower absenteeism.
(The Elements of Great Managing, Wagner and Harter, Gallup Press 2008)

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In combination with the ‘Grow Your PeopleTM’ Program, Senior Managers can then develop a blueprint for developing an organisational culture which engages employees.

Within the Strategic Leadership Program, Prime Performance assists Senior Management to map out a process to achieve this goal. Drivers (motivators) of employee engagement that are to be addressed include:

  • Leadership styles
  • Job fulfilment & role alignment
  • Relationships
  • Opportunity to learn
  • Worklife balance
  • Purpose (values)
  • Rewards and recognition

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