Leadership Styles for Employee Engagement Program


The Leadership Program is geared for businesses with a diverse range of personnel, who see the opportunity to grow their business.  Senior Managers will examine their own leadership styles and level of engagement, gaining insight from this experiential learning to understand the key motivators for employee engagement. Better role alignment will re-energise business owners and managers and free their energy to focus on growing the business and increasing revenue.

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Employee engagement is vital to your business. Australia has an overall engagement level of 37% (BlessingWhite Report 2013). It is estimated that disengaged employees cost the Australian economy about $33.5 billion a year through lost productivity, sick leave and even sabotage (Gallup research survey 2012). It also has other negative social effects outside the workplace, with disengaged employees taking out their negative feelings on their families and having more health problems.


“Cecile, your energy and passion are contagious. Thank you for a fabulous program. You have given us the confidence to forge ahead, knowing that our staff will be fully engaged and, as directors, we do no have to do everything ourselves.” – Pamela Hammond, Director of Stadium Signs


The Program will feature:

  • Awareness development on how adopting an innovative approach to understanding your own leadership styles and what really makes your staff “tick” will grow your business and improve your bottom line
  • Experience of  profiling tools including: Emotional Intelligence, employee engagement/role alignment (iREAPTM) , as well as to the rigorous, yet entertaining and user friendly, Personality Dimensions® tool. (Personality Dimensions® is  a highly effective communication framework which enables you to: be more self-aware; work more effectively with different temperaments in your workplace; and improve your capacity to strike a better work/life balance).
  • Methodology which will provide you with a rich insight into the key tenets, motivations and behaviours which need to underwrite your strategy to develop highly-engaged employees and optimise productivity.


“The time I’ve spent in the program has been very valuable and compelled me to have a hard look at myself. I have implemented some changes, as the result of the first workshop and coaching session, and I am personally already feeling significantly better, more positive, and more energetic.” – Lindsay Hart, Sales Manager/International Sales, Selectronics

“We were given a lot of practical strategies to improve our business prospects. Overall, this is an excellent program with excellent presentation” – Frank Brown, Managing Director, Turama Industries

“I got a lot out of the group activities/interaction in the workshops. The program was invaluable in giving me a clear picture of what I need to do to improve engagement of my team” – Dean Warwick, Warehouse supervisor, Cummins Filtration


Format of the program:

Your Personality Dimensions® profile, Individual Role Engagement and Alignment Profile (iREAPTM) and other insights around strengths, improving employee relations and leadership qualities will be held across three half-day workshops.

Three 1:1 consultancy and advisory/ coaching sessions to develop you as an engaging manager and enact strategies within your businesses to impact real behaviour change, in key staff and yourself, to grow your business.

Development of a Strategic Plan tailored to your business – with defined outcomes, actions and timelines.


“You are awesome.”Matt Hillman, Operations Manager, Nathania Springs Receptions

“You are a stellar facilitator.” – Luigi Zarro, Economic Development Officer, Yarra Ranges Council

“A big thank you from myself and my family.” Luke Brady, Project Manager, Stadium Signs


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  • "If you want a harvest in a year, grow a crop... If you want a harvest in ten years, grow a tree... If you want a harvest that will last for a life time, grow people." ----- Chinese Proverb