People Management Strategies

HR Coaching and Training Workshops

Prime Performance provides workshops and individual coaching to train management in HR skills including:

  • Setting up performance management processes
  • Conducting the performance management interview
  • Creating position descriptions tied to outcomes
  • Assisting employees to set professional development goals
  • Sustaining productivity while managing employees with depression

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Human Resources Consulting

Small business without the resources to employ human resources staff or with limited HR training will benefit from outsourcing their HR management to Prime Performance. With current industry skills shortages and changing industrial laws, it is important for small to medium businesses to attract and retain valuable employees, while providing a workplace culture conducive to growth and development.

Prime Performance provides a consultancy service to help the business owner identify skills gaps and analyse the needs of their key people. Whether you are growing your business or developing your existing employee capabilities, Prime Performance will formulate and implement your human resource development plan.

Services include:

  • Developing a sustainable human resource development plan
  • Position descriptions
  • Individual plans to achieve personal and professional development goals
  • Individual performance management
  • Leadership coaching

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