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Performance Appraisal

Many organisations are reticent to conduct performance appraisals due to lack of confidence and/or fear of giving negative feedback.

Prime Performance offers an introductory workshop to Performance Appraisals and follow-on workshops that build confidence and improve effectiveness of the process.

These workshops are for both Managers and Team Leaders.

Aims of Introductory full day workshop are to:

  • Enable participants to have effective performance conversations with their Team
  • Understand the preparation process
  • Understand the interview process
  • Learn about constructive feedback
  • Learn about goal setting & follow up

Topics covered include:

  • The Basics of Performance Appraisals
  • Review of Personality Dimensions
  • Performance Appraisal on Self
  • Conduct an appraisal
  • Appraise the process

Follow-on workshop:

Developing communication skills for effective performance appraisal interviews

Creating Position Descriptions

Job descriptions are different to position descriptions. As part of an effective people management strategy, it is important for both the employer and the employee to know how performance will be quantified; fairly.

By linking outcomes to each task of the employee’s role, there will be a measure of how well the role has been performed.

Prime Performance provides one-on-one coaching to enable managers to develop skills in documenting position descriptions which include performance indicators.

Managing Workplace Depression

Prime Performance offers two half-day workshops and follow-on coaching for managers and team leaders.

The aim of the workshops is to gain skills to support your people through difficult times while sustaining your business


  • Acknowledgement of mental illness as a disease
  • Recognising the symptoms
  • Developing skills to talk to your people and show empathy
  • Knowledge about professional support


  • Causes of emotional stress – Loss
  • Manifestations of distress
  • Grief reactions to Loss
  • Depression – signs & symptoms
  • Depression – body language
  • Facts about Depression
  • Key issues in the workplace
  • Initiating a talk
  • Active listening
  • Attending
  • Validating
  • Practice a scenario
  • Bereavement
  • Why have a Workplace Policy?
  • Policy development – break out groups
  • Resources and referrals
  • Anxiety in the Workplace – causes
  • Anxiety – symptoms
  • Managing Workplace Anxiety
  • Feedback and Discussion

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Assertive Style

Confident leaders have an assertive style of communication. One-on-one coaching enables executives, managers and team leaders to discover and overcome their personal obstacles to adopting an assertive style.

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  • "Nothing can stop the man[woman] with the right mental attitude from achieving his[her] goal; nothing on earth can help the man[woman] with the wrong mental attitude." --Thomas Jefferson US President (from 1801 to 1809) and Founding Father