Personality Dimensions

Personality Dimensions – personality test

Personality Dimensions® is a human relations model and temperament assessment instrument (personality test) presented in an entertaining, highly interactive, informative format.

Personality Dimensions® builds on the strengths of other Personality Assessment instruments (personality tests) and is backed by solid, defendable, leading-edge research into human motivation and behaviour. It is the next evolution in temperament assessment.

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Watch this video for more information on the history of Personality Dimensions

This excellent communications instrument explains what motivates positive behaviour in different personalities of all ages. Its strength lies in its self-discovery process. This user-friendly process allows participants to retain the information learned and apply it in their everyday lives.

An understanding of temperament theory is invaluable in a wide range of applications.

Cecile Riddle is a Personality Dimensions Master Trainer (Level III) and provides:

Interactive Workshops

Develop your people with Personality Dimensions interactive workshops.
Achieve your professional development goals with enhanced self awareness and understanding of others. Personality Dimensions (personality test) can be delivered across a broad range disciplines including:

Career Practitioners
Learning and Teaching Styles
PD in Schools
Professional Development
Staff Development
Training and Development

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Personality Dimensions Individual Assessments (Personality Tests)

Individual assessments are incorporated into all Prime Performance professional development programs and the personality test can also be taken on-line with follow-up one-on-one coaching, via internet forums. Take this quick assessment.

PD Facilitator Accreditation Certification

“I was most impressed that Cecile sought me out as the primary researcher and author of Personality Dimensions and traveled from Australia to Canada to take her Level II Facilitator Trainer Certification from me directly. I later discovered that this is just typical of the drive, determination and professionalism Cecile has for her work. She has since be awarded the status of Master Trainer by the publisher of Personality Dimensions…….a rare honour.  This is not a course but rather an “appointment” for extraordinary work with PD.

Cecile has been in contact with me over the years to seek advice and counsel, but I now find that it is I that can now learn from her.

She is committed to her client groups and provides quality service and follow-up to everyone she trains. As a professional coach or trainer, if you are looking to add an effective, versatile tool to your professional toolkit, I would recommend getting Personality Dimensions Certification Training from Cecile”
– Lynda McKim, author, Personality Dimensions.

This is the tool for:

Teachers and
Career Practioners*

teaching styles
learning styles
student leadership
team building
career planning
building self esteem
worklife balance

Personal Development

personal growth
self awareness
conflict resolution

Corporate Trainers

managerial style
sales & marketing
team building
customer service
conflict management

Become an accredited facilitator.

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Resource Sales

Prime Performance is the authorised distributor of Personality Dimensions personality test resources in Australasia and New Zealand.

Resources are delivered within 3 working days to most areas.

* Career practitioners please see note.

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