Interactive Workshops – achieving professional development goals

Staff Development

Personality Dimensions® helps your employees understand why others behave the way they do and why they don’t always see and do things the same way. Although each of us can and does use all temperament styles, Personality Dimensions® identifies each individuals preferred style.

Personality Dimensions enables your people to achieve their professional development goals.

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Professional Development

Emotional Intelligence has been shown to be the differentiating point when it comes to professional success. Daniel Goleman developed a framework of five elements that define emotional intelligence including: self-awareness and empathy.

An understanding of diverse personality temperaments enhances your ability to reach your professional development goals.

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Learning and Teaching Styles

Personality Dimensions® helps trainers, educators, students and lifelong learners recognise and accommodate diverse learning styles. Educators and course developers can use the Personality Dimensions® model to examine techniques and learning environments in terms of appropriateness for diverse learners.

Students can use the model to identify personal learning preferences and environments to maximise their learning experience.

At all levels of learning, Personality Dimensions enables learners and educators to achieve their professional development goals.

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Career Practitioners

Personality Dimensions® fosters insights into others’ perspectives and into the corporate culture. This recognition of the needs of employers and colleagues contributes to career success by minimising workplace conflicts and maximising productivity.

An understanding of personality temperament is a key skill which enables Career Practitioners to develop a rapport with their clients and to enhance their own professional development goals.

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In the Corporate World – where effective training and development is essential for meeting strategic objectives – an understanding of personality or temperament theory is a very effective tool in facilitating team creation and building; improving communication; enhancing customer service and satisfaction; career development; and job fulfillment.

By tapping into creative energy of every temperament preference, Personality Dimensions enhances attainment of professional development goals.

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