Professional Development for Career Practitioners

Personality Dimensions® fosters insights into others’ perspectives and into the corporate culture. This recognition of the needs of employers and colleagues contributes to career success by minimising workplace conflicts and maximising productivity.

Effective career management involves several key components. These include:

  • personal reflection
  • identifying career possibilities
  • researching changes in the workplace
  • making career decisions and implementing action plans
  • achieving career success and job satisfaction

Personality Dimensions®, as a one-on-one assessment instrument, enables clients to discover their clients’ natural skills and talents. The career practitioner can then use this as the reference point for reflecting on the various components of the client’s profile such as: job satisfiers, needs and values.

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Career Dimensions®

The Career Dimensions® resource enables the practitioner to pinpoint these aspects of the client’s profile and provides a list of suitable careers for each Temperament.

“Cecile trained me in the facilitation of Personality Dimensions, which has grown in leaps and bounds in Western Australia. I thank her for her time and patience when asking her a mountain of questions in relation to personality temperaments and training procedures” – Jenny Gleeson, Career Advisor

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Retirement Dimensions®

There is a growing exodus of baby boomers from all sectors of industry. Having a clear understanding of self (and other), at this important stage of life, is invaluable in making this stage fruitful and meaningful. There is evidence to show that temperament preferences shift in middle age with a concomitant “move” in what was previously considered meaningful for a particular temperament.

The workshop includes:

  • Introduction to Personality Dimensions®
  • Completion of a Retirement Dimensions™ questionnaire
  • Group activities which deepen understanding of individual needs and preferences
  • Debrief and comparison of similarities and differences for each of the four Temperaments
  • A planning activity to prepare for potential retirement challenges


  • Participants will discover what they need to truly enjoy their retirement
  • They will assess their values, strengths, concerns, interests, relationship preferences and philosophical view of retirement
  • Career Coaches will have a better perspective of what they need to discuss with their clients; of disparate temperaments

The Retirement Options workshop provides professional development for career practitioners on 16 October 2014, at the AusAPT conference in Brisbane. Non-delegates may attend.


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  • "To find out what one is fitted to do, and to secure an opportunity to do it, is the key to happiness." --John Dewey Philosopher 1859 - 1952