Training and Development

In the Corporate World – where effective training and development is essential for meeting strategic objectives – an understanding of personality or temperament theory is a very effective tool in facilitating team creation and building; in corporate communications; in enhancing customer service and satisfaction; and career development and job fulfillment, by tapping into creative energy of every temperament preference.

Personality Dimensions® promotes the acquisition of tools and techniques for engaging different personality preferences in the creative problem solving process.

The emphasis is on positive, affirming self-discovery, regardless of the environment.

The ability to work well with colleagues and co-workers is more important than ever simply because, in order to leverage limited resources to maximum effect, so much work is being done in a team setting.

Training and Development benefits the organisation by:

  • Improving work performance
  • Developing more effective teams
  • Enhancing cooperation
  • Improving morale/motivation
  • Decreasing conflict
  • Reducing stress/ absenteeism
  • Improving critical judgement

Trainers become an accredited facilitator

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  • "Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another." --John Dewey Philosopher 1859 - 1952