Personality Dimensions

Personality Dimensions Resources

Prime Performance is an authorised Personality Dimensions® distributor.

Youth PD Building Blocks

PowerPoint presentation and activities toolkit is available for consultants to purchase (suitable for ages 10 – 18 years).

Applications Toolkits

Team Building Toolkit Contains guidelines, activities and Power Point Presentations:

  • Team Building
  • Leadership
  • Career Development (see footnote)
  • Learning and Teaching Styles
  • Work-life Balance
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Sales, Marketing and Customer Service
  • Retirement Dimensions

Winning Workshop Strategies

Winning-Workshop-Small Lynda McKim

Career Dimensions

Career Dimensions packs of 25 assessments (see footnote)

Career Dimensions Facilitator Guide

Career Dimensions - Facilitators Guide (see footnote)

Retirement Dimensions/Mid-life career change

Retirement Dimensions Special order. (see footnote)

Card Sets

Picture Cards Card sets are available for purchase for adults, basic literacy and students:

  • Picture cards
  • Life values
  • Communications
  • Relationships
  • Conflict
  • At Work
  • Student Dimensions

Participant Packs

Participant Pack - Adult-Youth-School-ESL Adult, Basic Literacy and Youth

Poster sets

– 4 Flash Cards

Target Poster

– special order

Colour Stickers

– 50 per pack

Colour Savvy, Ann Bulstrode

Colour Savvy Special order

Differentiated Instruction

– A Guide for Facilitators and Teachers

Pre-printed information marketing brochures

– packs of 50

Placing an Order

To place an order for any of the above Personality Dimensions resources, please contact us.


As a member of the CDAA, Prime Performance follows a code of ethics put in place by CICA; which was set up, and is funded by, the Australian government. Career resources will only be sold to practitioners who are registered by professional associations, such as CDAA, as qualified career practitioners. Prime Performance is ethically and professionally bound to maintain the integrity of career practice in Australia and New Zealand.

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