Personality Dimensions Testimonials

What Participants say about Personality Dimensions Workshops:

PD Building Blocks for Better Communication/Worklife Balance

  • “Helped me to understand how to deal with people in business and in a social sense”
  • “I think it was informative, succinct, exciting, enjoyable and very relevant and exceeded my expectations. I actually got so much more out of it and will certainly be applying what I have learnt in dealing with my clients.”

Monash Enterprise Centre

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Careers Counselling

  • “Our students are all multi dimensional and sometimes it takes us quite a time to work out how we can assist them all to achieve their dreams. Often our students are complex with several strengths that need to be woven together into a unique blend. Personality Dimensions® is a tool that time-poor careers advisors in schools can use to achieve optimum results. Using this process each student will lean more about themselves, their qualities, strengths, skills and work preferences”

Vivien Ride, Academic Dean, St Michael’s Collegiate School, Tasmania

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PD Building Blocks for Better Communication & Team Building

What participants said they learned:

  • “I learned more about my work colleagues-how they think, what motivates them & drives them, & what they think about other Colours”
  • “More awareness & belief about myself”
  • “To listen and understand people in the way they want to be heard, not the way I want to hear them”
  • “Differences in people are great. It”s what makes the world go around. I”ll be much more understanding of other “Colours”
  • “I learned today that what I perceive to be faults and criticisms in other people can be turned around to make a positive about that person and subsequently lead to a better relationship between us”
  • “How to deal with “other-Colour” people and how to communicate with them to get the “best” out of them”
  • “That everybody has different emotions & sees a situation differently. I learned to communicate with people differently”

Manufacturing company

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Conflict Management

  • “Felt that the Group were all friends by the end of the day”
  • “I thought it was a fantastic learning experience that can really change a Company…It certainly brought me closer to my peers”

Participants from various Industries

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Teaching and Learning Styles

  • “Learned how to adjust my teaching style [when supervising] for different Colour temperaments”
  • “Valuable information on learning styles to apply to staff, carers….”

NRG Physiotherapy

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  • 84% of attendees rated the session as Excellent or Very Good

Northern Enterprising Women


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  • "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." --Aristotle Philosopher